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Book Review: The Pub Across The Pond

Welcome to Ballybeog, where there is plenty of craic and Guinness to go around!

This fun little number is the perfect fun and flirty read, especially for anyone who is Irish or who can relate to the Irish culture.

The Pub Across the Pond by Mary Carter follows the adventures of Carlene Rivers after the normally unlucky lassie wins herself the rights to Uncle Jimmy’s Pub in the small town of Ballybeog, Ireland.  Leaving  everything behind, including her clean-freak father, Carlene moves “across the pond”, finding out that she won more than she bargained for.

Her first Irish encounter is running into the gamble-happy Ronan McBride. With his rugged ways and bold Irish accent, Carlene becomes easily smitten, only to find out that Ronan is the reason she is there.  After a bet gone sour, Ronan and the McBride family were forced to raise money through raffling off the pub in order to pay  his debt.

Carlene’s feelings for Ronan are the least of her worries, however. First,  she is faced with a vengeful neighbor, who is determined to turn the pub into a tanning salon. Next she must learn to keep up with her rowdy regulars, including a brute of a man called Anchor, who has a strong affection for heavy metal music. Then there is Sally, the bedazzler, who has been after Ronan since she claims he professed her love to her when they were fifteen.  If all this isn’t enough, Carlene is still struggling with the fact that she has left her widowed and neurotic father alone in Ohio.

The Pub Across the Pond keeps all the trials and tribulations fun and light, even adding a little romance along the way. It is a quick  read that will keep you guessing to the end as you try and figure out if Carlene will survive her first year as a pub owner.

Stay tuned for my next review, which will be on Veronica Roth’s Divergent.




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