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Toss Up Tuesday

So I still haven’t come up with an idea for a reoccurring segment for Tuesdays, so I thought today would be a toss up.  I decided I want to bring to light a music genre that is really striking a positive chord with me. I don’t know if this genre which I like to call “reworkings” is a new trend or something that has been around awhile but it is new to me. These “reworkings” are the taking of popular songs and transforming them into something completely different by preforming them in a whole new light. If you are not following here is what I am talking about:

Yes that is One Direction a la piano solo.

My favorite so far that I have found is a group called the Vitamin String Quartet. You name it, they rework into a a string quartet masterpiece. No genre is left undone. Here is a personal favorite of mine:

But the group really does cover every genre from heavy metal to country. Check out their Spotify page or Youtube channel and there is something for everyone. Here is another look at some of their work:

If classical renditions are not your thing give the Pickin’ On series a try. See what I mean :

Like VSQ they don’t leave any genre out, giving every tune from Green Day to Journey a bluegrass twang.

I think that all these various twists on popular tracks are so much fun. They really break down the songs that many brush aside as radio garbage into something pure and understandable to all.  Besides, they are really fun for a game of name that tune!

I hope you check out these artists and find a favorite “reworking” of your own. Hopefully by next Tuesday I will have a better train of thought and will be more on target as to Tuesday’s theme. Check back tomorrow for Vintage Vinyls, when I will be uploading the first of many favorite tracks from my vinyl collection.



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