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Book Review: The Columbus Affair

So I just finished up The Columbus Affair by Steve Berry. This was one that had been on my to-read list for awhile because it sounded like I could easily caught up in due to its themes of ancient mystery and lost treasure, all tied in with modern day affairs and character flaws, sort of reminiscent of Dan Brown’s The Davinci Code (or really any of his books).

The Columbus Affair focuses in on Tom Sagan. A once high profile reporter now on the brink of suicide after being set up in a falsified article scandal, followed by the death of his wife and an estrangement with his daughter. But, Sagan’s suicide is thwarted by a visit from an unexpected visitor who believes that Sagan is a key player in a hunt for the lost treasures of the Jewish temple. Another key player in this hunt? Christopher Columbus.

Sagan and several other characters, including Sagan’s daughter, are woven together in a race to find the treasure and secure it… whether for good or evil is left for the reader to find out.

The journey is captivating, as it opens up a whole new idea of Christopher Columbus and the discovery of America. I think that the book starts off strong by weaving the history and the modern treasure hunt together, but sort of dies off a little in the middle, focusing primarily on the rat race to pin down Sagan as he tries to out run the gangsters who are after what he knows about the treasure. I pictured it as one long car chase scene if they were to ever turn this book into a movie. Over all the book did have much of the same feel as some of Dan Brown’s novels, but not quite as page turning.

I’m giving Steve Berry’s The Columbus Affair 4 stars.

Next week (or possibly sooner!) look for my review of Joyce Maynard’s Labor Day, which was just recently adapted into a feature film starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin, this past December.


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