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In Remembrance

One year ago today, tradgedy struck the Boston community on a day that was to be set aside for strength, athleticisim, honor, pride, and charity. This year our city will band together to make sure that this year’s Boston Marathon will bring back these values that this long standing tradition is suppose to represent, but we will also set aside time to remember those we have lost or have been affected by this act of selfish terroism. Today on the anniversary¬† of that tradgey let us solemnly pause to remember what took place, but let us also remind ourselves of the great triumph our city found in bonding together to raise up those who needed us most.



Driving to work today a song was played on the radio in tribute to that day, one year ago. I think its message really resonates with how we should look at this tradgey and be proud to be a city that can overcome it.


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