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Book Review: Labor Day

As promised, I’m delivering my review of Labor Day by Joyce Maynard. I had seen commericals for the movie, but did not hear too much about it, good or bad.  I forgot about it really, until one of the regular guests at the hotel I work at said he was thinking about reading it, because it sounded different than your typical love story.

Well, he was right. It was certainly not your typcial Nicholas Sparks-esque love story. But, that does not mean that it was not spectacular!

Labor Day is narrated by Henry, a socially awkward 13 year old boy living with his mother, a woman who has been living her life as a foggy-brained recluse since her divorce and a seires of miscarriages.  While out shopping at the start of Labor Day weekend, Henry and his mother find Frank, an at first, intimidating and burly man, who is injured and down on his luck, looking for a place to stay. Aching for companionship, Henry’s mother Adele welcomes him into their home, not knowning that Frank is running from a past that it won’t be easy to escape.

Henry’s view point on the goings on in his home between his mother and Frank, as well his observations on his own self-discovery, are both wonderfully depicted.  The emotions of each charcter are well defined and you really begin to feel for them as they go through their trials and tribulations. You will aslo be warmed by the change that Frank brings to Adele, bringing her a new outlook on life.

The only part of this book that I could dislike was that it ended too soon, although the way everything was tied together in the end was in fact the perfect ending.

I am happy to give this Joyce Maynard’s Labor Day 5 stars. It is a wonderful read for anyone who is looking for something out of the ordinary, but with the comfort of a great love story.




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