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Vintage Vinyl Wednesday!

It is finally time to get this weekly post on a role! I am So excited that I have my record player up and running and look forward to bringing you all the joy that is vinyl records!

To start us off I’ve decided on a track from only the all time greatest and most influential rock band of all time (correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think there is much room there to disagree!), The Beatles.

I chose this particular track today to get us into the mindset of happy days ahead filled with warmth and sunshine, unlike today when in the middle of April I woke up to scraping snow and ice off my car! Epic fail Mother Nature! Anyways, this particular track is written by a charming fellow by the name of Richard Starkey… Did you figure it out yet? Ok, for those of you who are unaware or are lapsing a bit on your Beatles trivia, Mr. Starkey is the God given name of our beloved Ringo Starr.

First released on October 1, 1969 on Abbey Road, Rolling Stone’s Album by Album Guide to the Beatles writes:

Starr’s showcase on Abbey Road (and his one compose credit on the album, although an uncredited Harrison assisted him with the melody) revisits the kid-friendly undersea territory of ‘Yellow Submarine’, with the others chipping in on ‘underwater’ backing vocals (augmented by the sound of bubbles). It’s the most purely whimsical song on an album that’s otherwise light on whimsy- a reminder that the Beatles were entertainers as much as they were artists.

So with out further ado, please enjoy Octopus’s Garden!


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