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Motivation Monday

Today’s motivation Monday is extra special.  It is also Marathon Monday here in Boston. This day is a beautiful tradition for our city and a day where we see some of the most motivated people in the world shatter records and personal goals. While last year this day was shrouded in sadness and pain, this year we watch as the participants run harder than ever. Right now, the winners have just come over the finish line, with the men’s winner coming in mere  seconds before his competitor, who will take the runner up position. This win also makes him the first American to take the title since 1983.  This type of heart and determination can not easily be matched; perhaps only by those who are standing at the finish line today prouder than ever to be a part of this city, after enduring the loss of a limb or a love one  in last years bombings.

So today we celebrate all those who are running the race. We also celebrate those who are standing by cheering them on, leaving all their personal struggles behind as they honor those who take on a challenge that they may never be able to overcome, the Boston Marathon.  And, for your own personal struggles, consider the mind set of those running today, and know that the journey may not always be easy, but there is always a finish line waiting for you to cross it.



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