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Vintage Vinyl Wednesday!

Bonjour  ladies and lads!

I can’t believe my ultimate slack-pacity ( my capacity for slacking), with a whole week since my last post. I cant try and blame it on being away this past weekend and getting back on schedule, but that has really nothing to do with it so, no excuse, sorry.

Well at least we can start back up again with another wonderful vinyl track from our good friends the Fab Four.

Today’s track is of their Sgt. Pepper album, recorded and released in 1967.  This album spent 175 weeks on the charts with its peak position being no. 1.

Rolling Stone writes:

Whether the Beatles intended it or not, Sgt. Pepper came to symbolize -immediately- the ambitions and longings and fears of a generation. Since the group emerged in 1963 and 194, youth culture had changed dramatically. What began in those years as a consensus in taste and style – with the Beatles at its center – had transformed into a challenging worldview.  Sixties rock, along with the civil rights and anti-Vietnam War movements and a mass willingness to experiment with marijuana and LSD, had given young people a new sense pf empowerment. This moment- when the possibilities of how life could be lived and power resisted were changing- was a time of promise but also of doubt and risk. No single work had yet epitomized these bold new senses of community, ideas and art. Nothing, that is, until Sgt. Pepper.

You would think that with my previous Beatle song choice, and today’s, that my favorite Beatle is Ringo. But, I promise it is merely just coincidence that I chose another shining moment of Ringo’s.  Today’s track is With a Little Help From My Friends. I was just looking for something up beat and fun for us all today, and felt that in the dog days of Spring ( yes tomorrow is May 1st, and yes it is in the 40’s. Ugh.), we may all need a little help from our friends to get by ( even if that friend is just a extra large cup of caffeine!).  So please enjoy this little number!



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