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Vintage Vinyl Wednesday!

I think writing this segment is turning into one of my favorite parts of my week.  This week is extra special because I scored 5 new albums over the weekend at a yard sale! You can now look forward to the prospects of some Carpenters, Neil Young, J. Geils Band, and Boston (and some more Elton John. the 5th album I got was Goodbye Yellow Brick Road)!

Today, I decided to break into my newly acquired Boston album. Hitch a Ride is the track, and it is off of their self-titled album released in 1976. Now for those of you who are not familiar with this album, it has some of the most gaudy cover art ever, somewhat demeaning to the epic quality of music on the album. Lets reminisce shall we?

Boston Cover

Yeeeeaah… not sure what message they were going for there, but we will not hold it against them. Again, the music speaks for itself. But in case you don’t believe me, the band has some charming words on the back of the album to convince you!

If you’re looking for something to tell you that the band in question is composed of nearly notable former members of various bands, or how many jam sessions the drummer sat in on with rock superstars who are now dead or disabled or retired, forget it. Unless the names Mother’s Milk, Middle Earth, or the Revolting Tones Revue ring any particular bells, where the people who make up this band called Boston came from is irrelevant to who and where they are now. Listen to the record! As to how the band came together, we’ll let lead singer Bradley Delp tell the story: ‘Fran knew Barry, and I knew Fran, and Fran had played with Sib, and Sib had played with Tom, and Barry knew Tom, and Tom knew me, but Fran didn’t know that I knew that he knew Barry too, so what happened was…’ Listen to the record!

If you still need more information, try this. Boston is masterminded by a guitarist named Tom Scholz. An MIT graduate wit a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Tom was living a split existence at the time his concept for Boston began to fall together. By day he was a highly-touted member of the Product Design wing of a major Massachusetts-based corporation, helping to develop all sorts of media machinery that he’s not supposed to talk about. By night he was a member of any one of a handful of constantly shifting bands on the North Shore club circuit in Boston. Considering the day gig, when he bought 12-track recording equipment and began experimenting with basement tapes, mastering the machinery at his disposal posed no great problem. With these extraordinary homemade demo tapes, the band was soon better known to record company executives in L.A. and New York than it was to taste-mongers in its own hometown. Listen to the record!

I want to shake the hand of however wrote this gem of an album description. If more CD’s today had descriptions like this and not a bunch of names of the people that wrote the songs for them, (lest we forget, that to be famous takes no sense of actually artistic talent and these “artists” today can’t even write a limerick never mind a song! FYI each song on the Boston album is written by Tom Scholz or Brad Delp), I would buy a whole heck of a lot more music! But, I digress.

Today’s track, again, is Hitch a Ride. I picked it because it was another fine, Spring day here in New England, and it left you wanting to just drive somewhere and forget that you still have 2 days left in your work week.  I love the epic shredding near the end of the track; again the lost art of making the listener want to hear every last drop of the song and not just hum along until the chorus is through.  Hope you enjoy!

P.S.  Stay tuned for a book review of The Fault in our Stars later this evening.



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