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New Segment!!!!

So after post three kind of fun and nonsensical statuses on facebook of mock excerpts from my memoir, I thought not share my little glimmers of daily amusement on my blog. So look out for Tales from an Untitled Memoir! My brand new segement! Here’s a charming tale from this morning. 🙂


Caffeine Nirvana vs. The Calorie Count


No, don’t do it, I thought to myself as I headed out on yet another shuttle run without having my morning caffeine. But, it’s on the way, and the gentleman scheduled for 9 ‘o clock is always running a bit late. I had been weaning myself off Starbucks lattes for about 2 weeks after realizing that one latte was more weight watchers points than 2 whole dinners ( don’t judge. You tend to gain a little weight after college, since your budget allows for more than just a cup of Ramen noodles!). But, I do plan on going to the gym today… WILL POW.. “Screw it, I’ll try being skinny tomorrow,” I literally said out loud as I whipped into the parking lot.

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