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Vintage Vinyl Wednesday

THIS IS SOOO LATE! Unless you are reading this on the West Coast then perhaps its not that bad.  But, I have a good excuse for my lateness. I just finished moving into my new chateau (of sorts) in Booth Bay Harbor, ME. I have a few days before I actually have to report for duty, so I am taking some time to explore the area (see future post of Day 1 adventures!).  In the spirit of me driving here, there, and everywhere, I chose a fun little ditty by The Mama’s And The Papa’s called, Go Where You Wanna Go. The Mama’s and The Papa’s are best known for their songs California Dreamin’ and Monday,Monday, but Go Where You Wanna Go was in fact their first song ever released as a group, debuting as a single in 1965. The song as a single was pretty much a flop, but it found its way onto their first full-length album, If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears, which was released in 1966.

Like the Boston album (see last weeks post), this album too has a very unique cover story. Here is just a glimpse:

There are four of them, and they come in all shapes and sizes. They live in a nutty world of semi-existentialism, of cuckoo-clocks and antique lampshades, of beat-up old cars and Indian boots, of longish hair and longer hair of folk singers and not-so-folk singers, of Lou Adlers and Lovin’ Spoonfuls, and primarily of Mama and Papas, which in point of fact they are not.

Overall the song is a fun, upbeat, and folky tune that I hope you will enjoy.


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