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Gluten Free Friday

So this Friday I wanted to share with you a great gluten free product that I am totally in love with.

I just started buying Skinnygirl  Tasty Nutrition Bars. They are gluten-free snack bars that are 170 calories, 6 grams of protein, and 5 grams of fiber.  The other great thing about them is that they are low in fat with only 7 grams! Another perk is they are free of artificial sweeteners and flavorings. Again, these bars are gluten-free, however they are not dairy-free and also contain nuts, so for those with multiple food allergies, just be advised.

The taste is to die for! I have tried both the chocolate peanut butter with sea salt, and the banana oatmeal dark chocolate. I have had them at breakfast, as a snack, and even as dessert! The chocolate peanut butter is like a delicious and satisfying cross between a Reese’s cup and a Snicker, while the banana oatmeal is crunchy yet creamy and will remind you of fresh baked banana bread. There is also a third flavor, dark-chocolate multi-grain pretzel, which is also gluten-free and which I am so excited to try!

They are a bit expensive, being about $6.0o for 5 bars.  You can find them at target and GNC, or online at skinnygirldaily.com. Let me tell you though, they are totally worth it! The are the first gluten-free protein bars that are tasty and are not bulked up with a lot of calories and fat.




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