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Motivation Monday!

How’s your day going? If its has been anything like mine, you are just entering the stage of the day where your eyelids are beginning to droop as you try and focus on the fact that you have just an hour or two left of work. And while getting to go home is a positive prospect, you are also busy remembering all the things that need to get done when you get there or the next day. It almost isn’t fair. Your body is screaming “Time to shut it down!” while the actuality of life is that you can never really shut it all the way down (unless you perhaps are on day one of a week ling Caribbean cruise with a ice cold Mai Tai and its teensy weensy umbrella in your hand).

All this is the reason why it is the perfect time of the day for a little motivation!


So yes, we may be tired right now, but never fall asleep restless and with your mind full of thoughts of the day or the next day.  Let yourself get your full rest so that if today dragged on and did not go as planned, you have a clear mind to dream up a solution to living a life of purpose tomorrow.

If that doesnt perk you up, here is cheery song that teaches us that we do not need to be perfect to be happy and in search of a new soul.

PS. A very big shout out to all those who have served our country honorably and given there lives bravely in order for us all continue to live our lives free and protected. Thank You! Happy Memorial Day! ❤


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