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Book Review: The Rosie Project

Professor Don Tillman is the quirky main character in Graeme Simsion’s The Rosie Project. Don has a touch of Asperger’s, making it a bit hard to latch onto his personality and him as a character at first.  If you can get past his initial awkwardness, you will follow him on his journey to find a mate, via an extensive survey he concocts  known as the Wife Project. Due to his poor social skills, Don has never been successful in love or even interacting with women. Hence why he develops the Wife Project, in order to determine if he is even able to love at all.  Don employs the help of his friend Gene to weed through applicants, resulting in Gene throwing in a curve ball that will change Don’s life.

Rosie is not a match at all for the Wife Project.  She is smoker, a semi-vegetarian, and has no belief in schedules or order. However, due to an awkward misunderstanding, Don ends up taking her out to dinner. The pair ends up developing a quirky relationship based around Don helping Rosie find her biological father.

Overall I give The Rosie Project a 3. First, because for many, Professor Tillman is not an easy character to get attached to and may throw  people right from the start. Also I felt that the end of the book was rushed and could have had more detail to it about the characters futures and the results of  the DNA tests leading to the determination of Rosie’s father. But the sweet changes that occur in Don as his relationship with Rosie grows and his social awkwardness begins to fade, save the book and make it a fun read.


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