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Motivation Monday! (and all that jazz!)

Well welcome back to another edition of “Is It Really Monday Again Already?”. Yes folks, indeed it is Monday again. Not only has another week gone by, but we are rounding the corner into July! How did that happen? If you couldn’t tell by my lack of posting a single darn thing last week, time is spinning out of my control and I am ever on the move with this new job of mine. Before I know it, I will be back in Boston! To make up for my M.I.A. status last week, I have a few presents to share with you this evening!

First up, a belated edition of Throwback Thursday Vinyl. I have a bunch of “new” music coming  up because I found a great record store up here and stocked up on some great albums! You can anticipate some rocking 80’s favorites, as well as some Carol King classics!

Second, for anyone who follows me on twitter, and likes to brush off their case of the Mondays with TV that will make your brain bleed from stupidity (yet, which is also majestically entertaining!), I will once again be live tweeting the Bachelorette!!!

Third, for anyone of you who are keeping track of what book review will be next on my list by checking out my Goodreads app (This is probably like 2 people, and they are probably my dad and a close relative because, come on, lets be real, that is way too much interest in my life/way too many social media channels to keep up with), I am making a change.  I started reading Phantom of the Opera, and so far I am thoroughly enjoying it, but see, bookworms have an addiction problem, and while strolling aimlessly through Target as we are all guilty of, I picked up Hilary Clinton’s latest memoir, and I am just too excited to have it in my hands, not to read it. Since I have only gotten through 10 pages of Phantom of the Opera, I figured it was OK to put it on a brief hold while I engross myself in the reading of Hard Choices.

Phew! that’s a lot of info for a Monday! Feel free to completely ignore it and review it at a later time when your hangover that is still lingering from the weekend has sufficiently worn off!

Now back to Motivation Monday!

Today I want everyone to be encouraged to live there life they way they are meant to live it. Do not feel the need to cater to the desires of your peers, or “experts”; sometimes you even need to stand up to the ones you love.  We are all made in God’s image, but yet He made us all unique, because it is our uniqueness that will serve as the base of His purpose for us in life. So do something today that represents you in the best way you know how. Trust me, you will feel much better!

be yourself


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