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Throwback Thursday Vinyl (Belated Edition)

So work has gotten  me very busy and I was unable to share some lovely vinyl with you all last week, so I figure better late than never! I just got this album today at the record store (if you are from the ME or NH area and looking for vinyl, check out Bull Moose at there various locations. Or find them online at bullmoose.com). Crosby, Stills & Nash is the album, and it was the band’s (of the same name) debut album.  The song I chose off this album, comes to you in honor of Boothbay’s Windjammer Festival, which starts tomorrow. Of course that means that the track must be none other than Wooden Ships. Wooden Ships  is an odd song for sure, but I really love the guitar in it.  Written at the height of the Vietnam war, it is thought to be an anti-war song depicting the meeting of two sides after a nuclear attack.  The song was written by Crosby and Stills, with the help of Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane, when the group met in 1968 for a mixer on Crosby’s  boat docked in Fort Lauderdale, FL . Due to legal complications, Kantner could not be noted on the album as a writer. However,  he later recorded a reworked version of the song with Jefferson Airplane. And over time, and with the right amount of cash passed to the right people, Kantner was recognized on future releases of the CSN album.




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