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More To Come

To my friends, family, and followers:

I thought this summer I was going to have time to really hone my writing skills through this blog and sharing my “adventures”. However, that does not seem to be the case exactly.  Instead I am working my bottom off (literally, this place has more stairs then one person should ever be allowed to climb) and exhausting myself to the point where there are hardly any adventures to write about or experiences to share other than guest stupidity, but not wanting to get fired, I can’t share too much of that with you. So,  I thought it best to possibly just put this blog on hiatus for the rest of my time here (which happens to be 2 months, 15 days, 2 hrs, and 31 seconds. Of course whose counting right? I’m having so much fun!). But, then I thought that would just be so sad and boring of me to do. So I am going to try try (try try try try try try!) again to at least bring you Motivation Monday, and my favorite, Throwback Thursday Vinyl.  I can’t promise I will be perfect, but I have already taken the liberty of pre-recording some tracks, because I am just so excited about the great vinyl haul I took in the other day.  So everyone, just bear with me. There is more to come. ( Not that you are all on the edge of your seats, it just makes me feel  better to believe I have millions of adoring fans)


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