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Throwback Thursday Vinyl!

Happy Thursday everyone! Time for some more rocking vinyl tunes! Today in town at the Boothbay Opera House we have a very special guest. Sadly I am working and won’t be able to attend, but Ben Taylor is preforming.  Ben is the son of James Taylor and tonight’s featured artist for Throwback Thursday Vinyl, Carly Simon.

Carly Simon first rose to fame in the 1970’s with her folky, fresh sound.  She has had thirteen top 40 Hits including Mockingbird, a duet with James Taylor, and the the stunning Your So Vain.  Tonight’s track is off her second solo album, Anticipation.

Legend In Your Own Time, was the second single off the Anticipation album, not gaining as much success as the title track, but still making an impressive stand, reaching # 50 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song is reportedly written about fellow musician Cat Stevens and seems to seek degradation of fame and fortune.  Several music critics describe the song as sounding “dreamy and haunting”, with instrumentals featuring airy bongos.  Since its original release on Anticipation in 1972, Legend  In Your Own Time  has also been featured on several of Carly’s compilation albums.

And for your listening pleasure here is some Ben Taylor




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