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Throwback Thursday Vinyl

Happy Thursday everyone!  This week I have a track for you from some boys from across the pond!

The Who formed in 1964 and since then they have widely been viewed as one of the top 3 most influential British rock bands of all time, next to The Beatles  and the Rolling Stones.  While they are often compared to these 2 other bands, The Who had a sound all their own, being considered one of the first bands to introduce the “rock opera” and defining their style as “power pop”.  In 1979 Time magazine wrote that “no other group has pushed rock so far or asked so much from it.” While two of the band’s founding members are now deceased The Who continues to tour and produce new music.

Today’s track is off their 1971  album, Meaty Beaty, Big, and Bouncy. The track was actually described by songwriter and lead guitarist, Pete Townshend, as his least favorite off the album, because they had to rework it so many times.  While Townshend may have written it off, The Seeker, managed to peak at # 19 on the British charts, and made it to a solid # 44 on the US charts.  The song was not played live very much during the bands heyday, but it was revived and heard frequently on their 2006-2007 tour.

P.S. please excuse the blatant opportunity to sneak in a Harry Potter Reference #nerdproblems



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