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Book Reviews!

Before I start another book, I figured it was time to catch up on my reviews of the two books that I recently finished.

The first, is Barefoot by Elin Hilderbrand.

In Barefoot, the summer has just begun as Josh watches three women descending from the steps of an airplane on the tarmac at the Nantucket airport. He doesn’t know what it is, but the ever inquisitive Josh, feels like there is a story to be found within these three women. First there is Vicki, the reason the women are all really there in the first place. A young mom of two boys, Vicki has been diagnosed with lung cancer, and this summer she has decided, along with her sister and best friend, to get away from it all (although the kids are in tow!) and try and heal herself, by getting a little Nantucket sand between her toes at her late aunt’s beach house. Brenda, has come along to support her sister, but she is also in need of an escape from some demons of her own. And Melanie, Vicki’s best friend, is finding it hard to focus on her friend as she deals with the emotions of being cheated on by her husband in the midst of finding out she is pregnant.

Josh has no understanding of the tangled web he is entering  when by a strange array of events, he takes on the duty of babysitter to Vicki’s boys for the summer. He quickly realizes that he is not to be disappointed and that there may be more of a story behind these women than he could have even imagined.

The book touches on each individuals’ stories and makes you really feel at times for the problems they face. Parts of the story are slightly overdone and a little cheesy, but that can be expected from a book that screams beach read. However, this is not at all your typical beach read, with characters who are much more developed and in depth than is often associated with the genre.

Overall I am so glad a friend recommended this one to me and I give it 4 stars! I am actually very much looking forward to reading more of Hilderbrand’s books.


The second book that I recently finished is Delicious! by Ruth Reichl. Let me just say, the title speaks for itself! This book, though it starts of unassuming and pretty basic, turns into a juicy, flavorful romp of mystery, history, love, and of course food.

Billie Breslin has just moved to New York to be an editor’s assistant at the mecca of food magazine’s, Delicious!. On her own for the first time, Billie starts off nervous and unsure of the big city and her new job, especially when right off the bat, her boss expects her to cook for him. She is also put to the test when she it thrown out on a quest to receive a specific ingredient for the executive food editor. But, both these obstacles are just her initiation into what will become the most memorable experience of not only Billie’s career, but her life.

The adventure does not begin though, until Billie is left behind as the only remaining employee of Delicious!, when the magazine unexpectedly folds. Billie has the Timbers Mansion, the publications defunct headquarters, all to herself as she is kept on to take questions and complaints from readers. In her free time, Billie decides to explore the mansion’s library which was once used to catalog past issues of the magazine as well serve home to a myriad of reference texts and cookbooks, but has been locked up since the late 80’s.  While exploring, Billie comes across a secret that will lead her on a treasure hunt of sorts.

Billie’s hunt to uncover the mysteries of the library, which happen to involve the famous American chef James Beard, will delight you as you flip the pages in dire need to see where the journey will take her. While the book is a work of fiction as clearly stated by the author, it is easy to get lost in the idea that James Beard was actually a part of this grand mystery.

I had not heard of this book until it was sent to me by my mother, but it turned out to be a true gem! I give it 5 stars. A light-hearted read  with just the right amount of suspense, and a dash of food whimsy.

Happy reading everyone!

I am tackling my first Stephen King novel next! Hopefully Mr. Mercedes won’t frighten me too much!


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