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Throwback Thursday Vinyl!

This week’s artist is one that I have not featured yet, but a name that many women have, and continue, to swoon over. The song however is actually a cover that many have taken on. But, who can deny that the rasp and the dastardly dashing looks of Rod Stewart outshine the competitors?

The song Pretty Flamingo was originally written by Mark Barcan for the group Manfred Mann. Manfred Mann took the song and made it a number 1 hit on the UK chart in 1966 and it also spent 8 weeks on the US charts with it peaking at number 29. In Ireland the song even gave the Rolling Stones a run for their money, pushing Paint it Black to number 2 for four weeks!

Rod Stewart was by far a great vessel to push Pretty Flamingo even further. Rod Stewart began to emerge in the late 60’s, starting as the front man  for several different bands. With his unique voice he was able to sway into different genres and vocal styles. His  1976 album “A Night on the Town” featured the number 1 hit Tonight’s the Night. Sadly Pretty Flamingos did not follow suit, but that does not discredit it as a catchy little ditty exemplifying Mr. Stewart’s taste in pretty women.


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