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Throwback Thursday Vinyl!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Tonight I am straying away from the usual repertoire of classic rock and bringing you a track that is not so far  of a blast from the past. Tonight I bring you the Material Girl herself, Madonna.

Back before the meat dress of Lady Gaga and the foam finger of Miley Cyrus, there was the cone bra and a slew of other antics by the queen of pop. It was the year 1987. Madonna had just released her third album, “True Blue”.  Her final single from this album was the first of her songs to invoke the Latin rhythms that she would continue weave into future tracks. La Isla Bonita, originally written for Michael Jackson but turned down by the artist, Madonna made the track her own and dedicated it to “the beauty and mystery of Latin American people.”

La Isla Bonita is touted as one of her best and most memorable tracks, being one of her most preformed tracks throughout her career.

While maybe not as defining or revolutionary as some of the classic rock epics that we know and love, Madonna and her La Isla Bonita has its own style that evokes memories and passion in many a fan.


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