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New Year, New Age Vinyl

So I guess its time to finally say goodbye to the holidays. But for some reason does it seem that you can’t say goodbye to the busyness of the holidays? Well, that’s how I am feeling anyways!

The new year has already brought with it its own set of hurdles and challenges but hopefully sticking to the resolutions I have made will in fact resolve them. Of course making more time for my blog and writing in general is right at the top of my list.

So to get started, I’ve decided to put a spin on my vinyl sharing for this week. Since I have already missed Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday, I figured why not bring you something new instead.

One of my favorite artists ( I mean he can move me to tears he is that good!) is a singer/songwriter named Andrew McMahon.

Mr. McMahon is now known by his followers for his indie rock piano tunes, but he started his career on more of an alternative front during the early 2000’s as the lead vocals for a band called Something Corporate. When the band decided to take a break in 2004, McMahon pursued a solo career under the moniker Jack’s Mannequin.  He eventually did take on band members, but it is Jack’s Mannequin’s first album Everything In Transit, which was simply McMahon backed by none other than drummer Tommy Lee, that fans draw nearest and dearest to their hearts (ok, maybe that is just me, who knows!). In 2005, just as he was about to embark on Jack’s first headlining tour, he was diagnosed with leukemia. After several rounds of treatment, and eventually a bone marrow transplant, he is now cancer free, but the experience has influenced several songs on follow up albums, and was a large part of why in 2012 McMahon decided to “close the chapter” that was Jack’s Mannequin.  Andy released a few tracks under his own name, but came back with a new band in 2014 calling his latest endeavor Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness.

I had the pleasure of seeing his In The Wilderness tour this past November.  It was nothing less than incredible of course. After the show I was able to pick up a vinyl copy of the album at the merch. booth.  I was going to share with you my favorite song off the album, Cecilia and the Satellite, but apparently they don’t make records as good as they use to, because that track is already skipping.

But, that allows me to share another beautiful track of the album called, Rainy Girl. Andy wrote the song to his baby girl while his wife was still pregnant. During this time Andy was staying up in a cabin in northern California so that he could focus on writing.

I hope you enjoy Andrew McMahon as much as I do! And stay tuned for my review of Cheryl Strayed’s book Wild. I am off to see the movie today and figured I would do a nice comparison review for everyone!


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