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Throwback Thursday Vinyl- Lent Edition

Well Hello!

This week I finally have some time to bring you some much needed throwback vinyl!

With yesterday being Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent, I felt the need to share with you some ditties from only one of the best musicals ever… Godspell!

Godspell is a play based on the parables of the Gospel of Matthew. It was first introduced off Broadway in 1971, with its Broadway debut coming in 1976. Its true beginnings were actually much more humble, as it originated as a college thesis project at Carneige Mellon University. The project eventually made its way into the hands of Carneige alum, Steven Schwartz, who took the score and gave it the punch it needed to become universally loved by all, no matter their faith (or lack of).  In fact, the song Day by Day made its way up the Billboard pop charts, landing at #13.

Perhaps the reason for the versatility of the show is due to the character portrayals. Jesus is done up in clown make-up and a Superman shirt, and John the Baptist (later to become Judas Iscariot) closely resembles the Mad Hatter or even a member of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.  And then there are “the disciples.” These characters do not typically have any set style, name, or mannerisms, but instead are just your average traveling band of hippies. Making the biblical figures more childlike and relatable was certainly key in helping garner a wider fan base.

But the music! That is by far the biggest crowd pleaser. Tonight I decided to set you on your Lenten journey ( or just make you dance around like a flower child), by bringing together the opening number, Prepare Ye The Way of the Lord, and  my personal favorite, We Beseech Thee.  Did I also mention that I got to be a company actress in my high school’s production of the play and have an over abundance of fondness for it? Oops!

In the weeks to come I will be back with some good old time rock and roll.  But for now I beseech you to let me have my one moment of theater geekdom.


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