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Its Record Store Day!

Hi everyone!

Its National Record Store Day! So, of course, what a great time to enjoy some vinyl!

Today is all about going out and supporting your local “record” store. The term is used lightly of course, because many people today have forgone their record players for more tech savvy devices, but even if you are in the market for CD’s instead of vinyl, try shopping local at a music store rather than a big box store, or virtually through itunes. You will probably discover that it is a lot of fun to browse through and that the people working there are very helpful and enthusiastic! My favorite is Bull Moose, which is a locally owned chain of stores that are spread out over New England. They are absolutely great if you are in the market for vinyl, but they also carry a wide variety of CD’s, books, DVDs, and tchotchke. You can check them out at bullmoose.com

Moving on to the music!

The weather has finally warmed up here in New England and what better way to enjoy it, then to ride around with the windows down listening to a great soundtrack. So I thought it only appropriate to bring you a song that you could do that to! Also, its about high time I bring you some Allman Brothers music, as my dad and his brothers are pretty adamant that they are the greatest band of all time, and their devotion to the band really knows no bounds.  I, being a typical bratty child, chose to ignore The Allman Brothers every time my dad would put them on in the car, because when you are 8 years old and your parents want you to listen to their music,  you have no other option but to write it off as old, out dated, and all together un-hip and un-cool (Backstreet Boys were clearly much more of musical geniuses! Pssh!).  But now, I have grown much wiser in my scope of music knowledge and while recording this track today, which can often be written off as more of their “made for radio” tracks, I discovered that the rest of the album was actually very good as well.

Today’ track comes off of The Allman Brother’s Brothers and Sisters album which was first released in 1973. It was written by the guitarist Dickey Betts, which my dad gave me the shrug of iffyness (come on, you all know the “eh” shrug!) because apparently the best Allman Brother’s songs are Greg Allman songs. My dad, and wikipedia, explained that this song, and many of Betts’s songs were more country inspired. This made the band somewhat reluctant to record the track. But, sometimes a wrong idea makes a right, as the track went on to be The Allman Brother’s only top 10 hit, peaking at number 2. A rough draft of the song was tossed around during the recording of their Eat a Peach album, but it wouldn’t be finished in it’s entirety until later, although apparently when it did come together, it was rather quickly

I wrote “Ramblin’ Man” in Berry Oakley‘s kitchen [at the Big House] at about four in the morning. Everyone had gone to bed but I was sitting up-One Way Out: The Inside History of The Allman Brothers Band
(Paul, 2014)

So today I hope this track inspires you to get into your car and drive to your local record store. If you do not have a record player, I highly encourage you to find your parent’s (or grandparent’s!) beat up old turn table, or buy your own new one, and start your own journey into music awesomeness. Even if you are more of a new school music fan, there are plenty of artists releasing some really cool limited edition copies of their music on vinyl.  And of course, enjoy Ramblin’ Man! 🙂


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