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New Segment: I’ll Try Anything Once

So I’ve decided to start adding new segments, because why not?

And, after a rather daring move to try out some new beauty products, (yes this is daring. I am as pale as a ghost. When it comes to makeup, I stick to what I know.) I figured I would share my findings on how well they turned out.

First up, only the coolest magic-tricky makeup item out there! It is a new lipstick from Lipstick Queen by Poppy, called Frog Prince. I had first seen the concept of this item on Pinterest, but it was produced by a different brand. Then, I got the latest mailing from Ulta, and Frog Prince was advertised, and I was intrigued to try it out.

The “magic” in this lipstick is that in the tube, the color is a garish frog green, certainly not something one would want to go around wearing, unless they are trying to attract a Martian. When you, put it on however, the lipstick is suppose to react to the PH balance in your lips, resulting in the most aptly suited rose pink for your skin tone.

Here is a video from QVC to “prove” that it works:


Now, while I love QVC, they are also masters of making everything look amazing and useful. So even after their presentation I was leery, but I decided to give it a shot.

I went to purchase this at my closest Ulta, as Sephora does not carry it. But, apparently not all Ulta’s do either, as I drove out of my way to find out. So with QVC being sold out, I ended up purchasing this online from Ulta,even though I was not too happy that an item on their national mailing was not carried there (???).

At $25 plus shipping, I was crossing my fingers that this was going to work.

Well, it arrived yesterday and… This is my new favorite product, and I’m kind of wondering where it has been all my life.

Again, being a descendent of Casper, I have struggled with makeup being too off-putting for my complexion.  This held up to its promise though, and came out to be the perfect pale rose color. The best part it is also super moisturizing! It is so perfect for work, because the color is subtle and not “look at me I’m wearing lipstick!” which I do not need at work, but tends to happen with my normal colors.  It is also extremely easy to apply without a mirror, which again is great for work.

Here is some personal visuals for you:

Frog Prince by @lipstickqueenofficial

A post shared by Katie Nee (@kmn316) on


On the left is my normal corpse-colored lips, and on the right the lipstick magic gives them a subtle punch of pink!

Overall this product is amazing! I am looking forward to trying out Hello Sailor, also by Lipstick Queen, and with the same magical properties, but it is blue in the tube, resulting in the perfect mauve shade.





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