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I’ll Try Anything Once: Laura Geller Baked Body Frosting Tahitian Glow

Well yesterday’s review of Frog Prince from Lipstick Queen by Poppy went over so well I decided to follow it up with the other product that I was feeling adventurous enough to try. Luckily, my journey to Ulta was not all for nothing, as they did have today’s topic of discussion, Laura Geller Baked Body Frosting in Tahitian Glow.

This product was another intriguing QVC item. But with a price tag of $45 dollars, I was looking to test it out a bit before I bought it (although QVC has a wonderful love it or return it policy). This product was being shown as an all-over body product that can be used for a foundation on the face or as a self-tanner of sorts.

Now, I have tried year in and year out every summer to find a self-tanner that would work for me. Everything has been terribly unnatural, streaky, smelly, etc. You name it, it went wrong when it came to me and self tanning. So over the past year I just gave up and decided to embrace my porcelain glow, thanks to celebs like Michelle Dockery who rock the red carpet and simply don’t give a F***.  But with summer here again,  I have begun to cave. Not that there is anything wrong with being fair skinned, its just having no pigmentation at all to one’s skin  during the summer, really borders on sickly.

With no where to go today, I thought it was a good time to give this product a shot. That way if it goes horribly wrong I won’t be seen. Now, there are no instructions that come with this product, but thanks to my QVC entrapment, I learned that wetting it is the best way to apply it if you are looking to use it for the purpose of self-tanning. Again, this is first and foremost a makeup, not a self-tanner, so dry, it can be used on the face as foundation or even on the rest of the body as subtle shimmer. I decided to go all in and wet it.  Before I give you my verdict here are some visuals to give you an idea of the product:


As you can see the product comes in a large compact with a large poof as well. I had tested it a bit when I first bought it, so the product is smudged up a bit, but if you look at the edges you can still sort of see what it originally looked like, which is marbling of tans and neutrals.

And here’s what happened:

IMG_1674(1)IMG_1675  IMG_1676

So on the legs, the left leg is after the product was applied, and the right is without product. The arm is with product.

Ok, so the verdict…. I’m on board! This product, with just touch of water, went on very easily, with no mess due to the large poof. When I first put it on wet, it went on very dark, but once I smoothed it out and rubbed it in, the finished look was a beautiful, natural glow. There was no streakiness, because of its powder consistency as opposed to a creamy self-tanner. If I felt I missed a spot, it was easy to add more and blend it in, and with the use of the poof, it was not all over my hands which was great. In fact, unlike most self-tanners, I applied this to my hands, feet, and ankles, and it did not set in and get overly orange.

There a  few things to watch out for, but they are pretty minor. The first is that I would not suggest wearing this with something white. This was actually something that Laura Geller was upfront about on QVC as well. While the product does dry almost instantly and should stay on for most of the day, it can rub on to clothing, so just be careful. I have a white shirt on today, and there is a few places on it that are showing signs of the product. This is something that is found with any self-tanner so really no shock there. The other thing is that if you are strictly a matte girl, I wouldn’t recommend this, because the product does shimmer. I find it to be just the right amount of shimmer to give you the sun-kissed look, but if you are really against any shimmer or shine, maybe not for you. The last thing is that Laura Geller has an almost identical product called Hawaiian Glow. I tried both at the store and Hawaiian did seem a bit darker, so just depends on your skin tone and the amount of coverage you are looking for, but you might also want to try that one.

Over all, I think it works great! I don’t see it as an everyday product, but great for the upcoming wedding I will be going to, or even at the beach. Laura Geller claims this is water-proof, although I have not tested that theory yet, so maybe a drinks in the beach chair item over swimming in the ocean.

Hope you enjoy!

P.S.  If anyone tries out the products I’ve reviewed, share your thoughts in the comments! Would love to know how they worked out for you.



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