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I’ll Try Anything Once: Nick Chavez Soft Flocker and Thirst Quencher Hair Spray

Well let me start by saying… Choo!Choo! That’s right, I am on the QVC train. I have been watching QVC for a long time but never bought anything because, as I have mentioned before, their job is to oversell products like a used car salesman with a lemon.  But, this is my third item that I bought after seeing it on QVC (this time I actually bought it from them as well), and its another winner!  So to QVC, my trust in you is completely solidified.

So, lets talk about the products! QVC decided to bundle some otherwise luxe priced hair items into one, more affordable, kit and caboodle, which was my incentive for buying it. Also the Soft Flocker just looked amazing. Here is the demo:

I have super fine, straight as a board hair and I have been wearing it in a piecey pixie for about a year now. I have tried several different gels and pomades to try and get it the way I like it. I settled on a drugstore brand that weighs my hair down the least, but doesn’t really have the hold to last me through the day. Again, I was impressed with what I saw on QVC so I decided to give Soft Flocker a try. I didn’t really need the hair spray as I have settled on a Chi hairspray that I love, but it was more cost effective to get the set then just order the Soft Flocker on its own. Today I tried both products….

Yup, the products are that good.

I mean, really, what does Nick Chavez put in his Soft Flocker? Faeire dust, unicorn tears? This product smells good, the texture is just right, and the styling is no hassle.  Here are the results:

flocker 1 flocker 2flocker 3Totally transformed! Of course I tried the hair spray as well and I may be converted (sorry CHI!). It has great hold without being heavy. It is easy to sculpt with and leaves your hair feeling soft and not crunchy. Over all I definitely recommend trying this set. Plus you are getting a huge 4oz jar and a 2oz jar. My drugstore brand only comes in the 2oz so this is really great!

Leave me a comment if you try or have tried this product and let me know what you think! Enjoy!


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