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Throwback Vinyl!

Sorry to break it to you, but today is not Thursday, so don’t get all excited thinking it’s Friday tomorrow. It’s in fact only Monday. Ugh. But, lucky for me, and for you, I am having a joyous Monday and will be sharing some of my happiness with you all by sharing all sorts of stuff with you, beginning with some Throwback Vinyl.

This is a special edition, obviously because of it being on a Monday, but also because I have some of the most exciting news…. I finally got a copy of The White Album!  As a  hunter/gather of Beatles albums, I can tell you that this is not an easy feat. I may be wrong but, excluding special editions, EPs, singles, etc. , The White Album has to be in the Top 3 hardest Beatles LPs to find (with Let It Be and Revolver, taking spots 1 and 2, respectively). From my hunting experience, if you do find a copy of The White Album, it is usually upwards of $30 dollars. But, finally found it! And for $4! Yay!

Another reason why this is so exciting is because it is a two-disc, 30 song, masterpiece with great songs for days. I was going to record Sexy Sadie for you, but I started listening to the album and I just couldn’t decide! So I decided to go with something upbeat because I was in such a good mood.

The White Album was recorded in 1968 during a journey  to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Transcendental Meditation retreat in Rishikesh, India.  This was suppose to be a way to clear everyone’s thoughts and move into a more spiritual direction than the over-the-top, psychedelia of Magical Mystery Tour which was released just a year before. But, unfortunately everyone just got grumpy with each other, beginning some of the feuding that would eventually divide the group.  This feuding did not hinder their music though, actually inspiring them to put more focus into their writing, coming up with enough tracks to fill 2 albums. Rolling Stone quotes Paul saying, “I think it was a very good album, but it wasn’t a pleasant one to make. Then again,sometimes those things work for your art.”

The White Album was the bands 9th album and their first on their Apple Records label. It was originally to be named  “A Doll’s House” but another band was coming out with an album with a similar title at the same time. From Dear Prudence to Glass Onion, While My Guitar Gently Weeps to Blackbird, Why Don’t We Do It in the Road  to Helter Skelter, it is just a seriously epic album. And, one of the more fun songs on the album, was Everyone Has Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey.

This Lennon track is most likely associated to John and Yoko, monkey being a pet name for Yoko,  but there is also the lesser theory that the monkey is heroin.  But the more accepted theory is that it is John’s emotions toward feeling that he and Yoko were living in there own world of right, while everyone else was wrong, and unable to get on their level. The fierceness of the instruments reflects the determination and struggle of John trying to get his feelings across. And,while it may have come from a place of frustration, I think this song is nothing but fun, lively, and dancey.





2 thoughts on “Throwback Vinyl!

  1. Two weeks ago I finally got hold of my very first White Album when a customer brought it in to sell along with a pile of other 60s LPS. I was pretty excited but ended up selling it to another customer for £20 before I’d even got the chance to have a look at it .
    Bummer …
    But yesterday I got hold of another one.
    this one won’t be going out so quickly

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