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Throwback Thursday Vinyl

Oh John Fogerty! How do I love thee; let me count the ways!…

Welcome back to Throwback Thursday Vinyl everyone!

Tonight’s entry is brought to you by one of my favorite 60’s-70’s rock bands, mostly in part to the gruffy goodness of John Fogerty’s voice.

Creedence Clearwater Revival, while known for their swampy southern lyrics, actually originated in California. The band got an early start, forming around 1959 while its members where all still in middle school. They signed with San Francisco based Fantasy Records in 1964 under the name The Golliwogs, but it wasn’t until 1967 when they started going by CCR that they started to really show signs of success.  In just about a year span (1969-1970) the band released a total of seven chart-topping singles, rocketing to one of the most beloved American bands of all time.

Released in 1970 on the album Pendulum, “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” was one of these, making it to #8 on the U.S. charts.

The song is been said to reflect the crack in the idealism of the 1960’s that began to form with such events such as  the Altamont Free Concert and the Kent State shootings. While that’s wonderfully poetic, John has stated on many occasions, that the song was written in response to the growing tension in the band and the foreboding of his brother Tom’s departure from the band.

My take on it today? It’s pouring out and I needed some John Fogerty in my life. Very uninspiring, I know.  Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy!


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