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My Jam Monday

Its that time again, for New Year’s resolutions. Since I have never been successful at keeping them, I suppose my first resolution this year would be to keep my New Year’s resolutions! I mean I don’t understand why I shouldn’t. Its not like I resolve to do things that are horrible or torturous (Besides burpees, but they are  unfortunately a necessary evil).  At the top of my list this year as always are to read more, get back in shape after eating one too many holiday cookies, and to write more. I decided to get a head start on the last goal. In order to do this I am here by instating: My Jam Monday. Formally known as Oh Hot Damn, This is My Jam…, I will be using Monday to bring you some of my current favorite songs. I’m hoping that they will be ones you have not heard before, from a new artist, but I cannot make any promises, as you will see by tonight’s installment. Sometimes it will just be whatever is stuck in my head.

I am also hoping to bring back Throwback Thursday Vinyl with  a vengeance! This may be mostly in part to that the fact that if I don’t do something with the records I keep hoarding, my mother might use them for kindling. But I digress, I really enjoy sharing my vintage gems with you, so stay tuned because I have some great ones coming up.

I am also hoping to start some new segments and topics, as well as continue writing book reviews and other random reviews of pop culture. I’m sure the 2016 election will be a bubbling font of writing prompt wonders!

So here’s hoping you had a very warm and wondrous Chrismakwannaukh and here’s to a vibrant New Year!

Oh and for your listening pleasure the song that is eating wormholes into my brain at the moment (happens to also fittingly apologize for my absence!) *shamefully looks away as she is silently judged*


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