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My Jam Monday (belated!)

I’m not off to a good start! But you will have to forgive me. I got distracted by the premier of The Bachelor and forgot what day it was. *FYI follow me @earlyonsetgran for live play by play of The Bachelor!* So here we are on Tuesday celebrating My Jam Monday. Oops!

The song I chose tonight is fairly new. It has been floating around my local indie station, and I can’t help but get into it every time it comes on. It’s gritty, yet up beat, and just overall fun!

The song is from Nathaniel Ratecliff (not to be confused by a certain four-eyed wizard actor!) and his band is the Night Sweats. The band is out of Missouri and was formed in 2013.  Together they blend aspects of folk, R&B , and soul. Wikipedia tells me the song started to circulate after the band appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, but I would never be awake at that time to find out. Anyhow! Here is Nathaniel Ratecliff & The Night Sweats with S.O.B.



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