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Throwback Thursday Vinyl

Sometimes you will never know what you will find in your magical stash of vinyl!

Ok, so maybe that is just me, but that is exactly what happened. While doing a bit of organizing, I came across my copy of Peter, Paul, and Mary’s In the Wind album. I had picked up the album at random because it was in the bargain bin at the flea market and who doesn’t love “Blowin’ in the Wind”?

So while doing my organizing I happened to take a gander at the album and realized that “Tell it on the Mountain” was listed as a track. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was the “Tell it on the Mountain” of which I fondly remember Sister Mary Anne reminding us all to articulate while singing (#catholicschoolprobs).

To my delight it was in fact the same song! It was actually a Moses-ified version in comparison to  the one I was familiar with, as I remember singing about telling that Jesus Christ was born instead of letting my people go, but same tune and religious sentiment.

Actually, when recorded the Peter,Paul and Mary version was interpreted not just for its religious meaning, but also as a nod to the Civil Rights movement of which they were actively involved.

And in the end, while it is not the most memorable or musically gifted song, I felt that I needed to share this personal golden nugget of a  song with you all.



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