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My Jam Monday

Monday again! Oof! Its almost over everyone, don’t worry!

To help you get over your Monday blues, some music! Tonight I have 2 songs. Both artists are not new or undiscovered, actually quite the opposite, but I feel that they  both should be recognized for another reason.

Music legends are born  by the way they are able to adapt and recreate their sound in order to grow with their audience and the generational shifts. Both started out at Disney, which can be a hard place to transition from. Both also were part of boy bands, another very challenging genre to grow from. But these two artists are making waves in the music industry, and no one is shirking at their abilities because of their background.

The first artist is at this point very seasoned even though he still young at 35. His music has not only topped the charts, but he has been recognized with many accolades including the MTV Video Vanguard Award and the iHeartRadio Innovator Award. His newest song is so catchy and continues the growth that he shows every time he releases new music. So in case you wanted this song further stuck in your head, here is Justin Timberlake’s  Can’t Stop The Feeling.

The next artist is just beginning to break the mold, but is no slouch at following in JT’s footsteps. Nick Jonas has grown leaps and bounds from his Jonas Brothers days. From his look to his lyrical content, he is clearly on the move and only going up! So I hope you also enjoy Close feat. Tove Lo.


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