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2017… I Resolve to Stay Exactly as I Am

Good Morning! And welcome to 2017! 

Here’s hoping you are waking up with a skip in your step and a smile on your face, because the tragedy that was 2016 is gone!

OK, honestly, I was not so adverse towards 2016. Did it have its challenges? Certainly. We lost some great minds and gained some ones that were DOA to begin with (here’s looking at you incoming cabinet! God help us all!). Terror and violence seemed to be on the rise, going hand in hand with the decline of race and religious relations. And Shonda Rhimes continued to kill off our most beloved TV show characters (RIP Wes!). 

But for me, overall, 2016 really didn’t phase me. Nothing much has changed. Which brings me to the topic that we are all so focused on this time of year, resolutions. 

Every year people are goaded into setting such high standards for themselves. While most of this is well intended, it can leave some of us feeling rather deflated when the next New Year’s Eve comes around. For example, I did not lose 10 pounds, move out of my parent’s house, find my prince charming, or write an award winning novel (OK, so I knew that last one was a stretch from the get go). Not a single  resolution accomplished; What an epic fail! I put this in italics as it is the voice my ice cream carton whispers to me every night when I walk by the freezer.

So was there anything that can define my 2016? Was there any meaning to it at all? Lucky for me, I do not define my year, my success, and my meaning in life by the exceptions of my imagination or the expectations of others, and neither should you! Here’s my reasons why.

In 2016 I got to be a part of my best friend marrying the love of her life. Similarly, I got to see my brother get engaged to the love of his. I got to see my first Broadway show and bravely take my first Uber. I crossed seeing Paul McCartney in concert off my Bucket List. And I got to celebrate one year of coming home to the sweetest fur baby, who’s wiggly butt can warm my heart just as fast as a hug from his fluffy fur.

I measured the success of this past year in moments. This measurement of success may not be easily acknowledged by others, and they may all still be wondering what the heck I am doing with my life, but to me, 2016 was a good year. Do I still want to lose 10 pounds, move out of my parent’s house, meet prince charming, and write an awarding winning novel? Of course, but maybe it won’t happen in 2017 either, and that’s OK with me. The most important resolution for me in this new year, is to continue defining my success on my own terms, and not letting the chaos of the world take my own inner triumphs away from me.

So happy New Year everyone! May you create moments and memories that define you…especially adopting a fluffy dog. Everyone should adopt a fluffy dog. 



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