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My Jam Monday: Guilty Pleasure

So seeing as the idea for this segment was unabashedly stolen from Dancing with The Stars, I figure playing off tonight’s DWTS theme was not such a bad idea.

Tonight the stars will be dancing to songs inspired by their guilty pleasures. I can’t think of too many songs that are inspired by my guilty pleasures (Disney Princesses, Hello Kitty, and Sex and the City reruns), but I can certainly attest that there are a few artists or songs on my Ipod that I consider my guilty pleasures.

While most of my music choices stick towards alternative, classic rock, or country, I have a not so secret (for those who know me best!) obsession with none other than… Nicki Minaj. Somewhere deep in my soul I feel she is a part of my spirit animal (Yes, a part. My spirit animal is a complex being!).  Besides Nicki’s music, I can’t really get into/relate to most rap music. But there is something about her fierceness that makes me want to “Rawr Rawr, like a dungeon dragon!”

I have one other song that is totally my guilty pleasure. Although, not so secret, because when it come on I blast it loud and proud. Not only is it one of favorite songs, but I think that in the wake of some of the destruction and hate going on recently, it fits in quite well. It always brings me up when I am down, and I hope it can do the same for you!




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