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This blog is my first attempt at writing. Everyone says that if I ever want to be published, then a blog is the place to start. Am I an aspiring writer? Eh, maybe. I consider my dream, of writing something that people actually might want to read, as more of a bucket list fantasy. That being said, take this blog for nothing more than the subtitle states. Nonsensical scribblings on varied topics, the views of which may even end up contradicting each other.  This may end up annoying some of you, in fact it will probably annoy me at some point too. But, for now let us try and enjoy this blog at its simplest.

You may find the title to this blog/my online persona intriguing…you may also find it stupid and unworthy of your time (whatevs, go in peace my child). For me, it pretty much sums up who I am and how I take on the world. While I am in my mid-twenties, I sometimes feel that I do not fit the norm of how others perceive this age group.  For starters, I have little to no social life. This is attributed to several factors: working nights and weekends, living outside the city, a small inner circle of friends with varied schedules, my stomach’s aversion to alcoholic beverages, and my growing disdain for crowds. But, it also has something to do with the fact that I seem to just enjoy the simple things in life a lot more than the flashy. I love reading, crocheting, baking, word puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, watching Jeopardy, and a warm cup of tea.

Secondly,  the things that I am drawn to usually belong to that of more an older soul. I love the Beatles and Janis Joplin, and pride myself on owning a record player. I  thoroughly enjoy reading classic authors such as the Bronte Sisters and Jane Austen, and I have a weird obsession with learning new vocabulary while reading them, keeping a dictionary close at hand.  Some have also referred to my wardrobe as more old school as well; I call my style “classic”, but I have heard “librarian”, “kindergarten teacher”, “and bland as a salt-less saltine cracker.”

Lastly, I am also rather religious/faith-driven. I attend church regularly, read the bible, and pray  a lot. While this blog is meant to be light and witty (I hope), you may catch me slipping in some scripture every once in a while. If that is offensive to you or simply not your cup of tea please refer to the beginning of this message where we discussed my feelings about  not finding my blog title enjoyable. 🙂

Really this blog is just for my own fun. It gives me an excuse to write, to chronicle the many exciting changes and new adventures I plan to embark on, and to discover more about myself.

So without further ado, explore and enjoy!

*appropriate and friendly comments/feedback is welcomed and appreciated!


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