Fashion Review: SAG Awards 2018

While everyone else was busy watching a football game, I was focused on what time the Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet started, because, priorities, am I right? Thankfully we were spared the mourning-wear of the Golden Globes on this red carpet, and there was a lot of interesting fashion, most of it actually very good! In fact I only could find 3 cringe-worthy looks instead of my usual 5. To even it out a bit, I have 6 stand outs. Lets begin!

The Bad

Allison Janney

Well good for you Allison Janney, you took home the one of first awards of the night. However it was not for this dress. While there were many head to toe sequin dresses on the carpet, this one missed the mark. The mock turtleneck and shoulder pads are not the details one should be to adding to a gown. On top of that, the silhouette does nothing for her shape. The tin man’s heart is breaking over this sad silver sight.

Kate Hudson


So I am totally feeling Kate’s new ‘do, but this dress is one of the mos atrocious things I have ever seen walk down a carpet. Seriously what is that? Between the color, the ruffles, the frumpiness, the bow, I mean please burn this straightaway! I think we can all take one look at this and agree this is some kind of scary nightmare version of Kate. Kate, please wake up and come back to earth!

Saoirse Ronan

As Kimmy Gibbler would say “Sweet Cheese!” What in the world is going on here? She looked so beautiful last time, I can’t understand what happened.  What I think happened is she was in a hurry and tore down the shower curtain, wrapped it around with a shoelace, and slapped on some glittery duct tape for some added flair.  Her face says it all, this dress is miserable!

Now some good!!

Danielle Brooks

Now I don’t watch Orange is the New Black, but my eyes were on Danielle Brooks. This beautiful ombre toned dress was extremely impressive and not something that I had seen before. The silhouette framed her perfectly and her and makeup were expertly crafted.

Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown’s fashion game is so strong I am in awe. Lest us all forget that she is only 13! This look definitely sticks more to the age appropriate side than her last look did, but that does not dial down the fashion moment at all. I love her double buns, her simple make up. Not a huge fan of sneakers on the red carpet, but you can do what you want when you are 13!

Kristen Bell

All eyes were on Kristen Bell last night as she hosted the festivities, and they surely staid locked for good reason. This dress was astounding ! I don’t think I have ever seen this color on a red carpet, and it was a great choice. It complimented her skin tone and enhanced her artfully simple makeup. The silhouette was the perfect amount of drama to make her really pop, being the perfect choice for her role as host. I was a little disappointed that she did not actually where it on stage.

Tracee Ellis Ross

I had to finally give Tracee Ellis Ross some credit because I usually can’t stand what she wears,  but this is actually very nice. It wasn’t really a stunner by any means, but I could at least enjoy it and appreciate its sophisticated simplicity.

Margot Robbie

Well Brava! This was a stunning, glamorous masterpiece. The white was muted in a way that let the beautiful beading and feather details to shine. Her hair and make up was also demure yet just the right accent to complement the look. Margot nailed the Hollywood Starlet style.

Dakota Fanning

And finally, my bonus look for the evening, Ms. Dakota Fanning. Dakota was glowing in this soft pink gown, that had just the right amount of sparkle with the metallic wave detail in the skirt, and the beading in the bodice. She could have done a little more with her hair and make up, but only minor points off!




Fashion Review: 2018 Golden Globes!

Ahhh, another year has gone by. Where have I been? Does anyone care? No? OK, good. I’m going to stop making promises about writing more and blah, blah, blah. I’m just going to post whenever I feel moved to, and well, Award Season moves me to the ends of the earth and back! I live for the red carpet!

The Golden Globes were last night, and they were the major kick-off to the season. However, I feel like I was kicked to the curb. Everyone banned together to wear black in solidarity for the sexual abuse/harassment victims that have come forward in the past year. While I do not condone abuse or harassment of any kind, and I am 100% behind these people receiving justice for the awful indecencies that they were subject to, I couldn’t stand this carpet! I never want to see a black dress on the Red Carpet again after this. I had to pinch myself to try and stay awake, that is how much of a snooze fest it was. Activism is extremely important, and call me superficial if you must, but so is fashion! I know there are better questions to ask them, but I also want to know what they are wearing! *Sigh*

All that being said, it was very hard to pick and choose hits and misses, as I had to squint and adjust my TV set to see any details on the dresses, but there were a few standouts who looked like black was their color of choice even before the movement.

Nicole Kidman

Thank the Lord for Nicole Kidman. If she was ever missing from a Red Carpet, my little fashion-loving heart would be left with a gaping hole. She is one of the few that looked like she had a black dress picked out from the start. Her beautiful flutter sleeve shimmered all the way down her back, transforming into glittery angel wings.  Of course her hair and make up were a hundred percent on point as always.

Millie Bobbie Brown

Alright, so does she look 13? No, but is she slaying? Hell Yes! This is the way to do a black dress! Modern, youthful, and totally not something that could also double as funeral dress, which cannot be said for most of the other dresses on the carpet. All I can say is if this is her at 13, I can’t wait to see what she does in the future.

Saoirse Ronan

Now we get to the people who at least tried to give me any sign of life. I love the little bit of drama that Saoirse brought with the shoulder and the hip on this dress. I thought she accented it perfectly with her jewelry and her hair and make up looked stunning. She is another one to watch for me.

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore always wows me with how simple yet stunning she can be. This look is classic elegance and she ties it all together with a fresh face and clean and crisp hair. Plus points for the sneak of color!

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain came out on top for me last night with her effortless Hollywood glam. Walking down the carpet, this dressed accentuated her shape flawlessly and had just the right amount of sparkle to complete the enchantment.

And then there was the downright dull…

Alison Williams

While Alison Williams got a point for bringing a pop of color, that it is the only point she got. Up close this looked like a craft project, with the beading looking very out of place. This was one dress that I wished was actually all black.

Kerry Washington

Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Kerry Washington. And, I don’t hate this look, except maybe the shoes. But, in the wise words of Nene Leakes, I would wear this to the Whole Foods honey! Sorry Kerry, this did not give me life.

Gal Gadot

One of the sexiest women in Hollywood right now and she she shows up in something my high school choir definitely sang in during a Christmas pageant. That is all.

Emilia Clarke

Well Emilia Clarke got one step closer than Gal Gadot. Emilia attempt to add a little sexiness, but then the scissors slipped, the V got wrongly wide, and they got scared it was too much and left the rest of the dress looking like a habit. Yeah, I really didn’t like this one.

Caitroina Balfe

So I didn’t know who Caitronia was before yesterday, but now she will be forever imprinted on my mind for this dress atrocity.  From the silhouette which is giving me 80’s prom flashbacks, to the, is that  harness? And then the weird poofs that look like she sheared a Pomeranian for. I can’t understand what was happening or why it happened

And on that note, I will see you next time!

My Jam Monday: Guilty Pleasure

So seeing as the idea for this segment was unabashedly stolen from Dancing with The Stars, I figure playing off tonight’s DWTS theme was not such a bad idea.

Tonight the stars will be dancing to songs inspired by their guilty pleasures. I can’t think of too many songs that are inspired by my guilty pleasures (Disney Princesses, Hello Kitty, and Sex and the City reruns), but I can certainly attest that there are a few artists or songs on my Ipod that I consider my guilty pleasures.

While most of my music choices stick towards alternative, classic rock, or country, I have a not so secret (for those who know me best!) obsession with none other than… Nicki Minaj. Somewhere deep in my soul I feel she is a part of my spirit animal (Yes, a part. My spirit animal is a complex being!).  Besides Nicki’s music, I can’t really get into/relate to most rap music. But there is something about her fierceness that makes me want to “Rawr Rawr, like a dungeon dragon!”

I have one other song that is totally my guilty pleasure. Although, not so secret, because when it come on I blast it loud and proud. Not only is it one of favorite songs, but I think that in the wake of some of the destruction and hate going on recently, it fits in quite well. It always brings me up when I am down, and I hope it can do the same for you!



Fashion Review : The 2017 Emmy’s

It’s that time of year again friends… Award Season!

For my fellow fashion fiends, this is such a fun and exciting time. Between the Fall fashion mags, and now the red carpets, there is inspiring and innovative looks wherever you turn.

Last night got the ball rolling with the Emmy Awards.  There was so much spot on styling going on it was hard for me to choose my favorites, but also made those who didn’t nail it glare like a bad neon bar sign.

As someone who cherishes dessert, lets plan on ending on a sweet note, and begin with those who turned things slightly sour.

Julianne Hough


I’m starting off with Julianne Hough, who I always have mixed feelings about. I think she is a stunningly beautiful woman, but I never seem to understand her style choices.  This dress is surely not the worst of the night, but does make my bottom 5 A) because there was just so much better on the carpet, and B) I once again don’t understand this.

Julianne should seriously should be able to look good in a potato sack with her gorgeous body and dewy face, but somehow once again I am left questioning her taste. This actually photographed fairly well, but when you saw it on TV it looked a little like something out of the Lorax. Those pink details were furry and fluffy looking. Overall the style of dress was also just underwhelming. It had no pizazz and looked like something I could pick up myself at Lord & Taylor.

Tracee Ellis Ross

I mean, I thought is was a little early for the cast of White Christmas to be doing promo, but apparently I was wrong! Oh, wait, Tracee Ellis Ross isn’t starring in White Christmas? Could have fooled me! I was ready for a chorus line of Rockettes to come out and join her. That would be the only scenario in which this dress might work. Feathers should never be anyone’s go-to, and if they are should be approached with caution, but not for Ross! She ran full speed ahead into the feather bin and then thought that a poofy bell sleeve was an appropriate accompaniment . Um, no.

Zoe Kravitz

I know that Zoe Kravitz has a style all her own. Her edge is typically something to admire, but this just did not read right with me. All I could see was a pinata horse:

You can’t unsee it can you?

Regina King

Much like Julianne Hough’s dress, this is not a full disaster, but with so much better on the carpet, this just stood out as not good.  The color was dull, the pattern leaned slightly on the bad drapes side, and the top just looked piecey and a little off. She still looked beautiful overall, but there was just something about this look that I was not impressed with.

Ariel Winter

Oh Ariel Winter, what are we to do with you? You get angry when people judge you for being too sexual and you try and defend your right to dress however you want. And while that is commendable, you are not helping yourself when you are styled by Fredrick’s of Hollywood. There is sexy and then there is just tacky. I am all for you showing your curves and expressing your body however you feel comfortable, but there are better ways to do it than this dress. It looks like a Street Fighters costume. And, just like in Street Fighter, this dress just needs to be finished.

OK! Now for the good. There was so many, it was hard to choose, but here we go.

Laverne Cox

I honestly don’t think I have ever seen Laverne Cox look  bad. Last night she continued her streak. Everything about this look was flawless. It was shimmery and slinky and fit all her curves just right. Her hair and make up went right along with it. Absolutely stunning!

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel looked like she just stepped off the softest, most angelic cloud and onto the carpet. She was an elegant goddess from her flawless hair to her effortless dress. With just the right amount of sparkle, balanced with the right amount o sheer, she stepped onto the carpet and I was in awe!

Sarah Hyland

Ok, now I know people are going to disagree with me for the one glaring mistake with this dress, that was pretty evident in several of the photos. It was that the the black lining was not fit properly and kept creeping up, being visible within the stomach cut out.  But, looking past that, I just love this look. I think she was one of the only young stars that went outside of the box and still looked elegant.  I thought her hair and makeup were glamorous and helped balance the edge of the dress. The color was bold and she certainly made a statement when she hit the carpet.

Claire Foy

Well, I am a sucker for pants on the red carpet. This jumpsuit worn by Claire Foy was done impeccably, and I couldn’t get it out of my head.  It was sleek and timeless, and the styling of her hair and makeup fell right in step. I loved the whole look’s effortlessness while challenging the stereotypes of red carpet wear.

Nicole Kidman



And then there was Nicole. Much like Laverne, I don’t think I have ever seen Nicole Kidman go wrong. I couldn’t wait for her to hit the carpet, and she did not disappoint. I loved that she did a tea length gown instead of floor length. I loved the drama of the neckline. I loved the vibrancy of the color. I just loved everything. She was statuesque as always  and made my night!

I’m looking forward to hearing what Fashion Police has to say tomorrow night, and for the next Red Carpet to come along!

Don’t Call it a Comeback…OK maybe it is

Whew! Where did that summer go? Can’t believe I let it fly by without posting! But excited to get back at it.

Sad to say that Throwback Thursday Vinyl will be taking a hiatus until I can figure out a way to post my tunes without any interference from Youtube of Vimeo. Hrrrm…

But not to worry there will be, hopefully, lots of new an exciting material *crosses fingers*.

I’m going to keep it simple to kick off my return, with a new edition of My Jam Monday.

This week  I have not been able to escape one particular song, but nor do I want to! It started off as one of those songs that I didn’t like, then grew to nod along with, and then became a full on love fest. And then I found out it was by Liam Payne, and I will literally eat up anything 1D *guilt pleasure alert*, so it was officially solidified as my new jam! Enjoy!


In Memoriam

I was sitting on the porch today enjoying the beauty of the Memorial Day sunshine, when my mom came out to tell me some disheartening news.  A member of our family had passed away; or so it  seemed. Gregg Allman has always been a part of our lives, and to hear of his passing, does create a void in a way. Now I can’t claim to be an Allman Brother’s fan. My father will tell you I have spent most of my life rolling my eyes at him, whenever he begins reveling in the grovel of Gregg’s voice or the 15 minute drum solo of Jaimoe, which my brother and I loving know as “Gregg’s bathroom break.” But, even if we couldn’t quite appreciate or understand Gregg’s music while we were growing up listening to Britney Spears or Eminem,  I can honestly look back and see that Gregg, the Allman Brother’s, and my dad’s love for them, has changed my life.

While each generation finds its own unique sound, I believe that it is the music that our parent’s expose us to from a young age, that truly helps root our appreciation of music and  the genre’s that we will most gravitate to. As mentioned, I was a 90’s baby’s with bubble gum pop ruling my record choices for a good portion of my early years. However, my dad never let us get into the car without listening to at least one of his songs first. “One song, and then you can have control of the radio,” he would promise. Of course it would always be an Allman Brother’s song, which was 10+ minutes long and we would get to where we were going just as the song was finishing! As much as this begrudged us at the time, our exposure to musicians playing instruments and songwriting that had deeper meaning than the puddly pop we were indebted to, was a blessing. It may have taken a while for me to come around, but by the time I was heading into high school, I had come to discover my own rock legends  and delve more into classic rock music.

For me it was and will probably always be Fall Out Boy. My brother passed down a burned copy of their Take This to Your Grave album, and from the moment I heard “Saturday” my music bubble, in which I only listened to Top 4o, was  shattered. I soon was intrigued to learn more about Fall Out Boy’s influences and what musicians inspired them.  I soon was rediscovering and truly appreciating the music that my parents had always had on in the background. Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Neil Young, Bob Seger, and most notably the Beatles.  I even ended up writing my college entrance essay about The Beatles. An essay about how much they impacted me, and how all the music of my parent’s generation influenced me. All the music,  I thought, but the Allman Brothers, which I did in fact bring up in the essay. I still felt that I couldn’t quite connect with Gregg. But, the universe was determined to never let the Allman Brothers get too far away from me, even as I journeyed into adulthood. When I first met my college advisor, he mentioned, I gathered jokingly, that the only reason I got into the school was that the essay mentioned his favorite band. “Oh yeah, the Beatles,” I thought.  Nope! The Allman Brothers, even if it was a line about how I didn’t care for them, he was at least proud that I knew who they were.

Gregg’s passing is truly the end of an error in this household.  I doubt that his music will die out with him, and I in fact am fully prepared to hear his music coming from my Dad’s speakers in an incessant celebration of his life  for the next few days, but it does mean the end of my dad and his 4 brothers donning their Eat a Peach shirts and heading out for the umpteenth time to go see Gregg in concert, and the pure joy that comes along with that. I know this will  hurt, because if my crying at coming within inches of Andrew Mcmahon at a recent show is any indication, I know how awesome it feels to see your idol in concert.

So rest easy Gregg,  they will never catch the Midnight Rider, and they will never be able to find a musician who can fill your shoes.



Throwback Thursday Vinyl

My first intro to ska or reggae sound was from No Doubt.  Of course the genre had been around much longer than that, but I was surprised to discover it influencing the sound a of a late 70’s British rock star.  Ranked by Rolling Stone as one of the 500 greatest songs of all time, Elvis Costello’s “Watching the Detectives,” most certainly  pulls it sound from this innately island  genre.

Costello attributes his writing  of the song to a late night binge listening session of the Clash’s first album.  Perhaps he had some late night re-runs of old detective shows on while doing this? Or maybe he was up late unable to sleep due to a fight with the girl in the song?  Whatever the circumstances,  it is widely accepted that the song is about a boyfriend that is frustrated with his girlfriend for paying him no attention while she watches detective dramas on TV.

Even with its quirky storyline, “Watching The Dectives” was certainly a new avenue for the British Punk scene it was inspired by.  It is no wonder why it grabbed the critics’ attentions and has remained a hit to this day.