Fashion Review: The Academy Awards

Welcome to the biggest awards night of the year ladies and gents!

Got my seat in front of the TV nice an early as not to miss a moment of the Red Carpet, and I thought we were in for a rough night. For at least the first hour and a half everyone was as dull as they come. I saw more nude, white, and cream than one could take. But then, all of a sudden we had some last minute stunners! But of course before we celebrate with the winners, lets take a look at… well, losers sounds harsh. Let just say their looks were not as golden as their Oscars

  1. Tiffany Haddish

So I am told that this dress is  traditional of Eritrea of where Tiffany Haddish’s roots are planted, but I’m sorry Tiffany, you are about two weeks late for the Olympic Parade of Nations. While she may look regal, it screams costume, and feels out of place on the Red Carpet.

2) Andra Day

It seems like we have one on every carpet. A celebrity that wakes up late, forgets to get dressed and wraps the bed comforter around them. Please, this not a dress, this is an atrocity. It even looks like she forgot to take the rollers out of her hair.

3) Emily Blunt

Oh Emily, why. This is so dull. It looks like a set of sun-faded set of curtains. The collar is way too covered up and her hair and make up make her look washed out. I could almost like this dress on a different carpet, in a different color, but this is so underwhelming for the Oscars.

4) Jennifer Lawrence

Ok so I don’t hate this. I’m just underwhelmed by it. I feel like this would be something better suited to the Grammy’s or maybe the Emmy’s. It just seems more night life than silver screen siren. Her hair is very casual and seems a little undone, which doesn’t improve my opinion of the overall look.

5) Margot Robbie

This was as boring and awkward as they come. Margot is beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but this a white sheath with tinsel. Try harder.

And now… some stunners!

  1. Selma Hayek

As soon as Selma hit the carpet I let out an “Oooo Selma!” This picture does not do the dress justice, as it was even more vibrant on camera. It fit her beautifully, it had drama, and of course it had color! And I loved that it was shimmery and pink without being princessy. Well done!

2)Lupita Nyongo

Lupita kept the super hero vibes coming in this gown without crossing the costume line. This looked powerful and strong while keeping in mind elegance and glamour. The fit was perfect, the accessories were on point, and her skin and hair were flawless!

3) Allison Janney

Allison Janney fully redeemed herself last night. This color was outstandingly refreshing on such a neutral carpet. The cape-like  sleeve brought just the right amount of drama, and her jewelry, hair, and makeup rounded out the look perfectly. She was a Hollywood Glamour goddess.

4) Emma Stone

Ok but like shut the front door. THIS IS EVERYTHING! I have never been given so much life on a carpet…well until I saw Nicole Kidman, but that’s coming up next. Emma, just nailed every ounce of this look. From the bold statement of pants at the Oscars, to the color palette, to  that HAIR! It was to die for. Bow down, build a shrine, commit this one to memory. It will be remembered as iconic.

5) Nicole Kidman

I was literally sitting there watching a bunch of oatmeal toned dresses go by wondering “I wonder where Nicole Kidman is?” knowing she had to be the one to shake things up. And when she ever stepped out onto the carpet I just couldn’t help but clap, and say “YAAAASSS QUEEN!” Can anyone ever beat her? Has there ever been a moment she is not flawless? There are no other words!

I hope you all enjoyed awards season as much as I have! Stay tuned for more from the Granny, and not just in Fashion!


Throwback Thursday Vinyl

My first intro to ska or reggae sound was from No Doubt.  Of course the genre had been around much longer than that, but I was surprised to discover it influencing the sound a of a late 70’s British rock star.  Ranked by Rolling Stone as one of the 500 greatest songs of all time, Elvis Costello’s “Watching the Detectives,” most certainly  pulls it sound from this innately island  genre.

Costello attributes his writing  of the song to a late night binge listening session of the Clash’s first album.  Perhaps he had some late night re-runs of old detective shows on while doing this? Or maybe he was up late unable to sleep due to a fight with the girl in the song?  Whatever the circumstances,  it is widely accepted that the song is about a boyfriend that is frustrated with his girlfriend for paying him no attention while she watches detective dramas on TV.

Even with its quirky storyline, “Watching The Dectives” was certainly a new avenue for the British Punk scene it was inspired by.  It is no wonder why it grabbed the critics’ attentions and has remained a hit to this day.

Throwback Thursday Vinyl

This week I am going back to The Beatles and one of my favorite albums, The White Album.Bouncy, cheerful, tinkly,” says Hunter Davies¹,  “Martha My Dear” it is short and sweet, and apparently cuddly! Martha is turns out was Paul’s Old English sheep dog.  The dog and Paul’s piano were the only inspiration needed to created this tune, with none of the other Beatles taking part in the recording. Recorded in October 1968, it is thought that, although Martha was indeed a real dog, that perhaps she may have not been the soul subject of the tune, as it was only a year prior that  Paul’s engagement to Jane Asher was called off. Critics reviewing the lyrics believe that the song reflects Paul’s wish that Asher never forget him, even though it was his infidelity that lead to their split.  “Martha My Dear” has not be considered one of The Beatles stand outs by any means, but it certainly has the upbeat, bubbliness that makes you want to hum along. While the true inspiration may have come from a break up, the sound definitely evokes the spirit of a jolly Old English sheep dog.

Davies, Hunter, ed. The Beatles Lyrics. New York: Little,Brown, 2014. Print. ¹