Book Review: Poor Little Bitch Girl

It’s summer. So, you will have to forgive me for reading something so devoid of quality or sustenance. And, also please for give me, because I most definitely judged this book by its cover. It was flashy and pink, and girly all over. Such is the only explanation I can give for reading Jackie Collins’ Poor Little Bitch Girl.

Poor Little Bitch Girl is apparently #9 in the Lucky Santangelo series.  Lucky is the female equivalent of Steve Wynn, being the posh owner of one of the hottest hotels on the Vegas Strip. In this book she is more of a minor character to her son Bobby and his friends. The book takes on the point of view of a circle of characters who are all joined together in some way by the murder of the movie star Gemma Summer Maestro.

There is Annabelle, Gemma’s daughter, who unable to make a name for herself while living in her parent’s shadows (her father is the hot shot  director Ralph Maestro and also suspect numero uno in the murder of his wife), has moved to New York and is secretly running a high class escort service with her coked-out boyfriend.

Denver, is a sassy Hollywood lawyer handling the defense for Mr. Maestro. She is usually laser-focused on her career, but this case finds her in situations which will pull her in a more playful and certainly sexier direction.

In Washington, Carolyn struggles with the ups and downs of being a mistress to a congressman, but hopes that she will become his number one after he learns she’s pregnant. She can’t wait to tell her best friend, Denver!

And, Bobby. The son of the famous Lucky Santangelo, who finds himself somehow in the middle of this whole mess, just by loose friendships he holds with the girls and Annabelle’s boyfriend.

The whole crew comes together for a giddy romp of a book, with vulgarity and overtly sexual scenes sprinkled throughout for just the right amount of trash. If you are a wordsmith, Collins does find the need to throw in cumbersome vocabulary every so often just to make it appear that this book is of any decency or literary prowess. It in fact is expertly void of both of these things, but does not lack in the entertainment level  of perhaps your favorite Hollywood tabloid, which makes the book very hard to put down.

Overall if you are looking for a light, smutty, pink and flashy, girly novel, this one is for you! I give it 31/2 out of 5. Happy Reading!