Book Review: World War Z

I’m am not typically drawn to sci-fi and I haven’t jumped on the Walking Dead craze, but something about the way World War Z was presented made me want to read it. This a-typical foray into zombie land, did not disappoint.

World War Z by Max Brooks is instantly intriguing as it reads more of a historical fiction novel than sci-fi. Brooks wrote the book from the point of view of zombie apocalypse survivors, each telling accounts of what they saw and how they were affected. I think this helped to keep the gore to a bare minimum and the literary quality high, which one would not expect from this genre.

While I hope we all realize that the threat of a virus that “reanimates” the dead is far-fetched, the idea of a super virus is not, and it was interesting to consider that a similar situation could occur. Some of the scenarios really had me thinking about “what-if”, which again proves how well done it is, as this plot could have gone completely juvenile.

World War Z  while written well, was still a fairly easy and enjoyable read. I would recommend it to anyone, as I think you will be surprised how much you actually like something that you typically may not think to try.

I’m giving Max Brooks’ World War Z a solid 4 out of 5.