Book Review: Lucky

Well hello there inter-webbians!

It’s practically summertime and you’ll know what that means… all the good TV shows have wrapped!

But don’t  be discouraged! This is a huge positive (well, if you like reading my blog it is), because this means I am bored and looking for something to occupy myself with, AKA me writing more.

This also gives me time to read more, hence this post.

Like any good book junkie, I was in the middle of reading Memoirs of a Geisha (stay tuned for a future review!), when I happened upon a used book sale. Among the goodies I picked up was Lucky by Alice Sebold. Sebold may be best known for her novel, The Lovely Bones, which was turned into a 2009 movie featuring Mark Whalburg and Stanley Tucci. Lucky is her earlier written memoir detailing the events of her own rape and its after effects on her life, especially during her years at Syracuse University, where on the eve of the last day of classes, she was victimized.

As with The Lovely Bones, which follows an all-American family as they struggle through the events of their daughter’s kidnapping, Lucky, entwines the dark and light aspects of the case, with finesse. While rape is not something that anyone would associate with the word “beautiful”, Sebold manages to write the chilling details of her victimization, beautifully. The acts that are forced upon her are crushing and gruesome, but her personal storytelling of the ordeal is almost poetic. This quality comes about because this is not a fantasized, Hollywood version of sexual assault, but a deeply emotional journey that Sebold relives as she writes.

The after effects of the assault on her life are strangely captivating, especially if you have ever been a naïve, nubile college female (i.e. me), because you can picture yourself in her shoes, but then cannot imagine actually having to live it, instead of the freedom and fun that you may remember.

As a semi-aspiring writer, this is the sort of writing I hope I can grow up to write. Sebold is able to take a nightmare of a subject and write it in a smooth, engaging, yet still gripping, fashion.  I highly recommend this book to anyone, but especially to college-age women, as it opens their eyes to situations that they could easily be put in. Overall I give this book a 5 out of 5.


Excerpts from an Untitled Memoir

Ex-Boyfriend Buzzkill

As I woke up that morning I felt a little knocked down.  It was Month 4 of my 6 month stint in Maine for a job that would hopefully broaden my career horizon, and the homesickness and the flat out loneliness was starting to really wear on me.  But as I got out of bed and started to greet the day,  I thought, “No! I shall not be defeated!”  I turned on the danciest music I could find on Pandora and was determined  to twirl myself into a good mood and a positive happy outlook! “Let me scroll through my Facebook,  see what everyone is doing. They could not possibly be having as much fun as me right now! I think I am even working off a sweat (good thing too, as my weights and kettlebell were actually getting heavier due to the amount of dust that was collecting on them!). La-di-da, happily scrolling through Facebook; Oh there’s another ice bucket challenge. Awww a video of dancing kitties! And look…oh wait, no. Crap.  *Bangs head against wall*.  Yup, there was my Ex with a big “Congratulations to Mr. Awful Ex Boyfriend Pants on his great new promotion!” under his photo.  Well, so much for twirling! Cue the Alanis Morisette and the sulking.  If only I could be more carefree like Taylor Swift… and damn her too! her prettiness is making us all look bad!

New Segment!!!!

So after post three kind of fun and nonsensical statuses on facebook of mock excerpts from my memoir, I thought not share my little glimmers of daily amusement on my blog. So look out for Tales from an Untitled Memoir! My brand new segement! Here’s a charming tale from this morning. 🙂


Caffeine Nirvana vs. The Calorie Count


No, don’t do it, I thought to myself as I headed out on yet another shuttle run without having my morning caffeine. But, it’s on the way, and the gentleman scheduled for 9 ‘o clock is always running a bit late. I had been weaning myself off Starbucks lattes for about 2 weeks after realizing that one latte was more weight watchers points than 2 whole dinners ( don’t judge. You tend to gain a little weight after college, since your budget allows for more than just a cup of Ramen noodles!). But, I do plan on going to the gym today… WILL POW.. “Screw it, I’ll try being skinny tomorrow,” I literally said out loud as I whipped into the parking lot.