Fashion Review: SAG Awards 2018

While everyone else was busy watching a football game, I was focused on what time the Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet started, because, priorities, am I right? Thankfully we were spared the mourning-wear of the Golden Globes on this red carpet, and there was a lot of interesting fashion, most of it actually very good! In fact I only could find 3 cringe-worthy looks instead of my usual 5. To even it out a bit, I have 6 stand outs. Lets begin!

The Bad

Allison Janney

Well good for you Allison Janney, you took home the one of first awards of the night. However it was not for this dress. While there were many head to toe sequin dresses on the carpet, this one missed the mark. The mock turtleneck and shoulder pads are not the details one should be to adding to a gown. On top of that, the silhouette does nothing for her shape. The tin man’s heart is breaking over this sad silver sight.

Kate Hudson


So I am totally feeling Kate’s new ‘do, but this dress is one of the mos atrocious things I have ever seen walk down a carpet. Seriously what is that? Between the color, the ruffles, the frumpiness, the bow, I mean please burn this straightaway! I think we can all take one look at this and agree this is some kind of scary nightmare version of Kate. Kate, please wake up and come back to earth!

Saoirse Ronan

As Kimmy Gibbler would say “Sweet Cheese!” What in the world is going on here? She looked so beautiful last time, I can’t understand what happened.  What I think happened is she was in a hurry and tore down the shower curtain, wrapped it around with a shoelace, and slapped on some glittery duct tape for some added flair.  Her face says it all, this dress is miserable!

Now some good!!

Danielle Brooks

Now I don’t watch Orange is the New Black, but my eyes were on Danielle Brooks. This beautiful ombre toned dress was extremely impressive and not something that I had seen before. The silhouette framed her perfectly and her and makeup were expertly crafted.

Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown’s fashion game is so strong I am in awe. Lest us all forget that she is only 13! This look definitely sticks more to the age appropriate side than her last look did, but that does not dial down the fashion moment at all. I love her double buns, her simple make up. Not a huge fan of sneakers on the red carpet, but you can do what you want when you are 13!

Kristen Bell

All eyes were on Kristen Bell last night as she hosted the festivities, and they surely staid locked for good reason. This dress was astounding ! I don’t think I have ever seen this color on a red carpet, and it was a great choice. It complimented her skin tone and enhanced her artfully simple makeup. The silhouette was the perfect amount of drama to make her really pop, being the perfect choice for her role as host. I was a little disappointed that she did not actually where it on stage.

Tracee Ellis Ross

I had to finally give Tracee Ellis Ross some credit because I usually can’t stand what she wears,  but this is actually very nice. It wasn’t really a stunner by any means, but I could at least enjoy it and appreciate its sophisticated simplicity.

Margot Robbie

Well Brava! This was a stunning, glamorous masterpiece. The white was muted in a way that let the beautiful beading and feather details to shine. Her hair and make up was also demure yet just the right accent to complement the look. Margot nailed the Hollywood Starlet style.

Dakota Fanning

And finally, my bonus look for the evening, Ms. Dakota Fanning. Dakota was glowing in this soft pink gown, that had just the right amount of sparkle with the metallic wave detail in the skirt, and the beading in the bodice. She could have done a little more with her hair and make up, but only minor points off!




Fashion Review: SAG Awards 2017

Last night the 2017 SAG Awards aired, which means another chance for stars to make their mark on the red carpet. While I didn’t get a chance to watch the show itself, I have done a thorough review of the wardrobe wins and fashion fails of the evening.

Unlike the Globes, where many usually on point icons were off their mark, the SAGS provided a plethora of Best Dressed nominees. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety, from suits to prints to shear and barely there, there was something for everyone.

Of course, even among all these bright stars, there were some that just fell flat. So lets start with those!

Winona Ryder:

While some bad looks do not have any explanation, this one clearly does. Winona obviously was feeling nostalgic and decided to take a time machine back to 1988 where she borrowed her wardrobe from her Beetlejuice dressing room. While not a wise decision at least we have an answer!

Busy Phillips:

Image result for Busy Phillips SAG Awards 2017

Unlike her partner in crime, Michelle Williams, who redeemed herself from her horrible pilgrim costume that she wore to the Globes, Busy decided to taker her turn on the worst dressed list.  I love a good glittery gown, but I look at this and think “Limited Too is calling, they want their purple camo back!” Seriously, I’m pretty sure I had a pair of cargo pants in this fabric circa 1998. To her credit, her hair and make up look great! But, the dress has got to go.

Salma Hayek:

Image result for Salma Hayek SAG Awards 2017

Oh Salma, so close, but so far away. Her body looks lovely, hair and make up are beautiful too, but this dress, it is the dress that I have seen on many a Barbie birthday cake.

Image result for  yellow barbie birthday cake

I mean, can you deny the resemblance? If anything, this is certainly not a red carpet gown. She might have gotten away with this if she wore it to a beach wedding? But, then again, I still think I would see the cake.

Emma Stone:

Image result for emma stone SAG award 2017

This pains me. Emma Stone is a beautiful woman. She always comes dressed to impress. Not to mention her talent. But this…OOF! What happened? It looks like the pins let loose on one side and the fabric fell down, leaving us with nothing but her Spanx! Besides just being ugly, this dress does nothing for her figure, with that belted portion hitting in a spot that makes her hips look much wider. Is it just me? Or is it also too short? Ugh, why oh why does bad fashion happen to good people?

Now for the good stuff!!

Sophia Vegara

Image result for Sofia Vergara SAG award 2017

Sophie Vegara has been switching up her look lately, and I love it! Gone are the body-con va-va voom dresses and in are the feminine and romantic. And, being that she is ageless and flawless, she can pull of both looks with ease. However, her new looks are really breathtaking. This dress is classic, simple, and light, and just lets her natural beauty be the focus. Her hair and make up are so elegant as well. The only thing is I might have added a necklace, as its a tad bare near her neckline, but over all, stunning!

Thandie Newton:

Image result for Thandie newton SAG 2017

I feel I will probably have people disagreeing with me on this pick. I get it, the images at the bottom make zero sense. But if we could look past the crazy images, there is a gorgeous dress underneath!. The shape and fit are beautiful, the sparkle is great, I’m in love with that collar! So please, just squint past the odd Persian style horses, the crows, and the random Ferris wheel, won’t you?  Because her skin, hair, makeup, and confidence, make up for them!

Nicole Kidman:

Image result for Nicole Kidman SAG 2017

Thank you beautiful Nicole for getting back on track. The Globes was not your finest moment, but this heals all wounds! The color does all the right things for your skin, the feathers are a stand out, but not over the top, and the frills at the bottom are giving me great movement and texture! I feel like she looks like some wonderful Amazon queen, parrot armor and all!

Mayim Bialik:

Image result for Mayim Bal SAG 2017

And my best dressed for the evening goes to Mayim Bialik, because I want to live in the dress right now! The fit, the color, the sheen, the shape, the EVERYTHING! She looks like she is wearing the most luxurious wrapping paper, and she is the beautiful gift inside.  But seriously, where can I get this dress. I’m obsessed!

Can’t wait to tune into Fashion Police and hear their take tonight! Bring on the rest of awards season!